News Update
  1. Prize winners’ List
  2. Rd 9 – Wei Ming earns final GM norm and Gong Qianyun makes WGM title
  3. Rd 8 – Batchuluun and Wei Ming in cruise mode
  4. Rd 7 – Batchuluun and Wei Ming leave the rest in dust with the only wins of the round
  5. Rd 6 – A mind boggling round with many twists and turns…

Event Day 3

June 11, 2018
Rd 6 – A mind boggling round with many twists and turns…

Cover Pic: The irrepressible Timur Gareyev must be feeling rather sheepish after his inexplicable 31 Bxb7 against Irine. The term ‘stranger things have happened’ definitely is the phrase to describe Round 6 with respect to the Timur-Irine and Qianyun-Xiangyi games. GM Timur Gareyev, after suffering a loss against GM Nguyen in the previous round, went…

June 10, 2018
Guess-Timur’s blindfold moves challenge-FM Jarred Neubronner is the prediction champ!

We didn’t want yet another blindfold exhibition for the side-event…but an activity  which can have players involved as a training exercise and yet have fun. So we came up with this concept of having NM Olimpiu Urcan to play a 2 game rapid match  (20 min + 10 sec increment) against a blindfolded Timur Gareyev….

June 9, 2018
QCD-Prof Lim Kok Ann Blitz Challenge 2018 – FM Timothy Chan ‘no panchan’ – 7/7 perfect score!

In colloquial Singapore English (or Singlish),  the term ‘panchan’ means ‘to give chance’. However, FM Timothy Chan took down one fella after another to win the Blitz challenge segment of our event, 2 points clear of FM Andrey Terekhov. Of course. one can point at Tim’s 2393 ELO or him having completed 3 IM norms…

June 9, 2018
Rd 4 – GM Batchuluun moves into the lead when co-leaders Timur and Kevin declare a truce
Cover Pic: Chess Dudes out on an evening cruise! Timur and Wei Ming wheeled out the highly theoretical French Winawer Poisoned pawn variation which we saw Xiangyi attempt against Batchuluun one round ago. However, it was not to be a slashfest as Timur opted for a line which gave Black the choice of repeating moves...