photo credit: FM Peter Long


A warm welcome to everyone. I thank you for taking the time to grace this event. I would especially like to acknowledge the following guests:

  1. Ms Stella Kon, daughter of the venerable Professor Lim Kok Ann, and an esteemed playwright.
  2. International Master Tan Lian Ann, our chess legend and his wife Jane Tan.

To see this tournament finally take place over the next few days fulfills the final dream of mine.

QCD group first started supporting Singapore Chess because we recognize there was a need to provide additional opportunities for our local players to perform, right here on home soil. There were mainly 3 areas in which we targeted: youth, adults and master level players. We started first with small steps, teaming up with SCF to help out with the National Age Group Championships at Bartley Secondary School in 2016. In 2017, the QCD adult chess league was born and was quite a success. This year, QCD adult chess league has grown from 14 teams to 17 teams and competition for 1st place has never been stiffer. Many have commented that it has brought a lot of players out of ‘retirement’ for which I am glad. Thus, we come to 2018, the QCD LKA GM invitational. My hope is that this event will grow and become a significant chess fixture in South-East Asia, one that all chess players (local or invited) will be proud to attend.

QCD stands for quality, cost and delivery. In a way, it represents the vision we aim for Singapore chess. We wish to part of a process that produces Quality chess players, at a Cost which is affordable and attainable by those with the motivation/determination to excel. The final part is Delivery:  Facta Non Verba, Action not words. My father has always taught me that being a man of your word was one of the most important traits to develop. Thus, QCD group is committed to this event for years to come with all of your continuous support: sponsors and SCF.

No man is an island. Whilst planning for this event, I was very encouraged to receive such generous outpouring of support (both financially and in terms of administration) from many different parties. I am truly humbled and thank you all for your help. Truth be told, the planning committee has learnt many lessons from this first edition, and we plan to use those lessons to improve this event in future editions.

This tournament represents a lot of hard work by many individuals whom I would like to acknowledge individually now:

  1. Mr Junior Tay (Planning, player liaison and finance) and Dr Hsu Li Yang (Adviser/Sponsor)
  2. Ms Michelle Tay (Venue allocation)
  3. SCF president/vice president /executive director (Chris, Nisban, Thomas) for their administrative support of this event
  4. Ms Esther Koh (logistics and planning)
  5. Mr Tan Tian Wah (DGT board setup, arbitering and website integration)
  6. QCD programmer Mr Nicky Bay and Freelance Webmaster Mr Richmond Alaba for the setup and maintenance of the website
  7.  My wife (most important!) who helped design the graphic banners and logos for the event
  8.  Sponsors of the event
  • Dr Lim Su Min
  • Dr Lim Su Chong
  • Dr Lim Su Hui
  • Ms Stella Kon
  • Ms Lim Sing Yuen
  • IM Mr Tan Lian Ann
  • Dr Winston Chow
  • IM Mr Terry Toh
  • FM Mr Ong Chong Ghee
  • NM Mr Olimpiu Urcan

I’m a chess enthusiast myself. I’m no master but I believe in contributing what little I can to help this game grow in popularity, especially in my own country. I love the game of chess because it teaches many life skills not found in the classrooms. Life lessons like developing objectivity (on both sides of an argument), calculation, risk taking, and of course humility. There’s a great social element to the game as well, which I believe was the catalyst to success for the QCD adult chess league. It bothers me greatly that many of our children of today are isolating themselves in computer games, none of which I find can equal the complexity and historic value of this amazing little game of 32 pieces with 64 squares. Overall, I hope that organizing events such as these will provide a platform for Singapore chess to improve and grow.