In colloquial Singapore English (or Singlish),  the term ‘panchan’ means ‘to give chance’. However, FM Timothy Chan took down one fella after another to win the Blitz challenge segment of our event, 2 points clear of FM Andrey Terekhov. Of course. one can point at Tim’s 2393 ELO or him having completed 3 IM norms already. Having said that, the last time he played in a tourney was 3 years ago but clearly, that hasn’t made him forget how to move the pieces…just ask his opponents today.

FM Timothy Chan vs eventual runner up FM ‘Ruskie Steamroller’ Andrey Terekhov

When the organizers were thinking of fringe activities around the QCD-Prof Lim Kok Ann GMs Invitational, we were trying to figure out how to get 12 players fairly. Hence, we hit on the idea of qualifying players though a chess history quiz and the entrants can aim for more prizes with a Guess GM Timur move competition held during the Blindfolded GM Timur-NM Olimpiu Urcan blitz rapid match.

Ng Sheng Feng, the National Schools Individual U12 champion produced the first upset by beating FM Jarred Neubronner in Round 2 and he continued his streak by upending CM Lee Junwei the next round before Tim and Andrey (the eventual 2nd place winner) stopped the young punk from progressing further.

Sheng Feng the giant killer

By taking down his former Nanyang ‘senior’ Ethan Poh in the penultimate round and drawing Denis Molofej, Sheng Feng emerged clear 3rd, a marvellous feat for the primary school kid.

One particularly interesting episode was the curious way the game between Denis and Jarred ended. Denis, upon reaching a futile position against Jarred, indicated he was giving up the game. Jarred, however, thought that he had lost because Denis was pointing out that ‘he won on time’!  So Jarred reported that his opponent had triumphed. When the next round started, Denis realized that he was gifted a point unfairly so he halted the game and reported his ‘loss’. The funny part was both Denis and Jarred didn’t want the point at all, insisting that they had lost the game to each other. I ruled that a draw is the fair result and that was the end of the matter and Round 4 was re-paired. Talk about integrity in chess!

Young Goh Zihan understandably didn’t find it easy making progress against this field. He did end his campaign on a high note, beating Elo 2017 rated Xausa Flavio.

CM Goh Zihan making his move

Final winners: 1st – FM Timothy Chan l7/7, 2nd – FM Andrey Terekhov 5/7 and 3rd – Ng Sheng Feng 4.5/7.

The crosstable can be found  here (

A worthy champ!