We held the sponsors’ challenge this morning and NM Olimpiu Urcan overcame IM Hsu Li Yang 1.5-0.5.

In the first game, Li Yang essayed the QGD, a line he had handed the ‘Angmo’ some beatings in the past. This time, Urcan was better prepared and held the advantage right into the late middlegame when the professor missed his way in the complications.

In Game 2, the game transposed from a Nimzowitsch (which Urcan had played against Carlsen and Gareyev, a fact he wasn’t abashed to mention…) to the Pirc Defence…to the Sicilian Dragon. Li Yang could not find anything after the opening and bailed out into an ending where he could at best equalise.

The sponsor of the Brilliancy prize, Dr Winston Chow, was present too and he played a few blitz games with Dr Hsu. Here’s a pic of them playing (before the position turned…).